Who are We

Internet has tremendously changed the way we communicate to our friends or business partners. The internet "wired" world has grown into "wireless" to accomodate people's necessity for internet communication. Today, internet access is becoming a communication media as common as telephone and television. We believe that internet users will grow quite large in the future and they will expect better quality service to meet their needs. 

PT Andowa Telecom or ANTEL was founded in 2006 as a subsidiary of IAHC. ANTEL was established and aimed to fulfill society needs for global information, we believe our position as one of IT Company - especially as a premium internet service provider - will face high demands of information and communication services.

ANTEL  offers  leased  line  and Wireless  Broadband  lnternet Access  as the  promising  solution.  The technology  will  be an important  part  in  our mix of products  and  services. We believe  that  this  technology  can  fill  in  the  gaps  in  the demands  of high-speed internet  access,  as  ANTEL always embrace  new technology's developments.

ANTEL  is  always  committed  to  maintain customers' satisfaction,  which will remains  as  a main benchmark for  measuring  our success. ln,  addition,  to  provide easy  and  fast  access, ANTEL,  always  maintains quality  by using  various  advanced infrastructure and continuously  upgrade  its  hardware  and  software.